According to a survey done in UK last year over 130,000 people die each year from incidents that could have been avoided if general first aid knowledge had been used immediately.

Fortunately, with today's technology, armed with your smart phone, and the right first aid app you could be today's lifesaver as the first on scene. With basic know how in different situations which may cause others to panic, you can not only calm the incoming crowd of onlookers, but manage the situation with accurate first aid attention.

Below are the four of the top apps for first aid in the market today, covering small things like stings, strains, allergies, broken bones, burns, heart attack symptoms and much more! Whether in the middle of the state of emergency or bored standing in a long cue, pull out these apps to educate yourself today for better confidence in emergency situations. 

NB. Note that these apps in no way replace the urgency to contact professional medical attention, rather they are for first aid assistance while waiting to be attended by the doctors.

Android -    iTriage

Apple -     St John ambulance first aid

Blackberry  -  Your personal medic adviser

Windows phone -  mobile first aid